The Killer

Minnesotans were blessed with the opportunity to watch The Killer launch hundreds of home runs in the cool of the evening on that magical Bloomington prairie ground. His contributions to the Upper Midwest stretched beyond just his monolithic power between the chalk line as Harmon was beloved by millions as one of baseball’s most respected gentleman. Not only was he an outstanding ambassador for the game of baseball but after he retired he was a man dedicated to helping others through his charitable works. While the home runs and RBIs are the numbers that will be forever etched on his Hall of Fame plaque, it is perhaps the impressive contributions he made later in life that should overshadow the on-field performances.

Note: The Killer shirts are printed on navy triblend material with the design on the chest and the iconic number "3" on the sleeve. 

** Made from a triblend material, this shirt is - dare I say - softer and cozier than any of our other offerings to date. Unlike the previous shirts, this model is printed on a triblend Bella Canvas shirt. Much like American Apparel, for those familiar with that line of clothing, these particular shirts run smaller. If you are a borderline size, we recommend jumping up a size.**